You curate your space, style and social life with the details that speak to your spirit. Our brand is built on the same premise but at its core is food.  The mission is simply to demystify what it’s like to make a good meal and to share the tools to do so. PT is the destination for those who marvel at tradition and enjoy bringing loved ones to the table to not only break bread, but shape traditions.

Who is the creator?

A visit to PT would lead you to believe that Rashad Frazier is the product of a top-notch culinary school or that he’s been cooking for many years. In reality, Frazier was just a normal guy who was working a hectic job in NYC and decided to learn how to cook to impress a special lady. The Charlotte native rolled up his sleeves six years ago and PULLEDTOGETHER has since grown into a food and lifestyle brand with a curated collection of products and culinary services.


Your content is amazing. Who creates it?

I pride myself on creating amazing original content. Unless otherwise stated, I create all of my images and cook all of my recipes.

Do you cater or do private food events?

I am always seeking opportunities to showcase my culinary skills and aesthetic. Please email me at inquiry@pulledtogether.co for inquiries.

I'd love to collaborate on a project...

Teamwork makes the dream work which is why I love to collaborate. If you have an idea give us a shout.

How do I contact you?

Feel free to email me a rashad@pulledtogether.co


Low Country Boil - Charlotte, NC