rashad frazier


Seven years ago, Rashad Frazier rolled up his sleeves and taught himself to cook so he could impress a woman. Since then the self-taught chef has evolved into a food and lifestyle curator for the modern man.  


Born into a family of farmers from Chester and Lancaster, South Carolina, Rashad grew up in a home where traditional rural cooking and the back yard garden were important elements of family life.

His earliest food memories are of sizzling fish fries and Sunday sermons and suppers at his family's church in Gold Hill, South Carolina. There was also and unending supply of freshly picked produce —and green beans, tomatoes, okra, potatoes, watermelons and collard greens—all from his grandparents’ thriving and sustainable urban garden.

Although he’s worked in other industries, Rashad has never strayed far from the kitchen. It is his early exposure of garden-to-table that now informs him how he cooks and what he cooks—and why good quality produce, materials and seasonality is at the heart of every PULLEDTOGETHER product.  

 / photography by Patrick Cline /

 / photography by Patrick Cline /



Like any good southerner, Rodrick Frazier loves hosting friends and family! He took after his mothers open door policy, carrying on her hospitable spirit.  He believes the best ingredient for every dish is love. On a typical Sunday afternoon, you'll find Rod in his Washington, DC apartment hosting friends for brunch, followed after by a group twerk off or deep conversations about life. He believes the choices we make every day about what we eat, where it comes from and how it's made have powerful consequences on the health of our communities. 

The last 10 years he's worked as a professional food manager and General manager in fast food, casual dining and university dining operations. The industry is forever evolving but his focus on food safety following standards remains constant.