I began exploring pescatarianism two weeks before the start of the new year. It was something I was considering for sometime. Consistent great health and fitness were two things I felt like I had dropped the ball on in 2016. Once I began reading about the lifestyle and it's benefits it didn't feel too difficult to achieve.

Plus, there is a huge environmental component I found really interesting. Now, there are other opposing opinions out there but for me it's hard to argue against all the science supporting the sustainability of plant based diet balanced with seafood.

So starting January 1st, 2017 I made the switch personally and within PULLEDTOGETHER. Expect more recipes, dinner party menus, products, and lifestyle surrounding vegetarian and pesctarianism.  Oh, and one last point. Did you know there is strong evidence between the health of our oceans and human health? More details around this connection later on but the point is these two elements work hand-in-hand and come together at, you guessed it: The dinner table. (Birdman hand rub)

Below are some strategies we’re using to map out our meals, content and to ultimately find our “sea legs” for the diet. Let us know if you found these tips useful.

  • Incorporate cuisine you're already familiar with like: Nordic, Japanese and Mediterranean.
  • 90% of amazing seafood cooking starts with quality ingredients. If the ingredients are poor, then the dish will never taste great. 
  • Keep it simple. Now, don't get me wrong, I love a good seafood paella. But most seafood cooking shouldn't require complex recipes. 

Lastly, the recipe on our homepage got you here so it would be very disrespectful if we didn't leave you with the recipe. Here you go.


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